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This is going to be an exciting few weeks-Just got through with the 75th annual Tyler Rose Festival. Such Comic Con in Tyler. It will be exciting and fun. We also have all the Halloween events coming up. Mix that with Canton First Monday weekend and we have a whole lot to feature.   
beautiful events and happenings! Now it is time to feature the 2nd annual

First lets look into our health!

            LifeLine Health Screening

 Glenwood Church of Christ is pleased to offer a preventive health event. Life Line Screening, a leading provider of community-based preventive health screenings, will host their affordable, non-invasive and painless health screenings on 10/23/2014.  Five screenings will be offered that scan for potential health problems related to: blocked arteries which is a leading cause of stroke; abdominal aortic aneurysms which can lead to a ruptured aorta; hardening of the arteries in the legs which is a strong predictor of heart disease; atrial fibrillation or irregular heart beat which is closely tied to stroke risk; and a bone density screening, for men and women, used to assess the risk of osteoporosis. Register for a Wellness Package which includes 4 vascular tests and osteoporosis screening from $149 ($139 with our member discount).  All five screenings take 60-90 minutes to complete.  In order to register for this event and to receive a $10 discount off any package priced above $129, please call 1-888-653-6441 or visit Starting at 9 am

TYLER rose city comic CON 2014

October 25 & 26


The itinerary for this event is so extensive that we cannot possibly publish all of it-so we are just going to give you the link and let you see it yourselves. The cost for this is so reasonable

$30 for two days ($50) VIP   to see and talk to lots of famous people and experience so many activities you will not believe it-so click here

to buy tickets and see all the happenings!!

And at 

                Comic Con events but first we need to see a horror movie-right? It is the season
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Oct. 23 at 7 p.m.
Tickets are $7     

Five friends visiting their grandfather's house in the country are hunted and terrorized by a chain-saw wielding killer and his family of grave-robbing cannibals.

Comicon & Liberty Present: Psychic, Lorna Reynolds
Oct. 24 at 8 p.m.

Tickets are $15
$5 at the door with Comicon pass
Comicon VIP's get in free
  Lorna Reynolds is a psychic medium from the East Coast. Her psychic galleries and past life regressions have astounded thousands of people. But it's her easy going way with approachable...the way she makes you feel like you have made a real connection that really sets Lorna apart. Not only will you be amazed by her will come away feeling as if you have made a new friend. Join us for an intimate introduction to Lorna and a demonstration of her amazing abilities.

Comicon & Liberty Present Erin Marie Hogan
Oct. 25 at 8 p.m.
Tickets are $15
$5 at the door with Comicon Pass

Comicon VIP's get in free
 Liberty and Comicon are pleased to present Erin Hogan. Erin played the leading role in the cult favorite film Paranormal Entity (2009), and went on to star in Hold Your Breath in 2012, and numerous award winning short films. She has appeared in such television hits as Seven Lives Exposed, The Bold & The Beautiful, Femme Fatales, and 1,000 Ways to Die. She won Best Actress In A Drama at the Playhouse West Film Festival for her portrayal of an agoraphobic young woman, haunted by the memory of her fiance's murder. Erin and her friends also produced an Arrested Development (2003) fan series entitled Paul Goetz's Last Ditch Effort (2012) about Erin's real-life friend Paul, and his attempt to get cast on the new season of his favorite television series, Arrested Development. Join us at Liberty for a screening of Paranormal Entity and then Q & A with Erin (in person) after the movie.

 Rocky Horror Picture Show - Oct. 30 and Oct 31

Oct. 30 at 7 p.m.                                         
Oct. 31 at 11 p.m.
Tickets are $10 on the 30th  $13 on the 31st
VIP Box $125   

A newly engaged couple have a breakdown in an isolated area and must pay a call to the bizarre residence of Dr. Frank-N-Furter
 First, the only thing you really need to bring your first time out in order to have fun is a sense of humor, and money for admission and props. You should dress in whatever makes YOU feel comfortable, but also does not violate any local standards (nudity is out.) Please do not show up drunk or trashed - we don't want any problems!A prop bag will be available at the the door to purchase - so you don't bring a thing with you. Just watch along with everyone else to figure out when to throw these items.
So get your ticket - before they are gone - pull your knees in tight and let's do the time warp!!

And on the 31st!! 
This showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show is only for the brave and open minded! If you are easily shocked this is not the one to attend! We will have a live stage show for this showing - performing live during the movie.

And the first weekend in November
This looks like such fun!

Sound of Music (sing along version)
Nov. 6 at 7 p.m.
Tickets are $7
This will be a sing along version so be prepared to SING!!

In 1930's Austria, a young woman named Maria is failing miserably in her attempts to become a nun. When the Navy captain Georg Von Trapp writes the convent asking for a governess that can handle his seven mischievous children, Maria is given the job. The Captain's wife is dead, and he is often away, and runs the household as strictly as he does the ships he sails on. The children are unhappy and resentful of the governesses that their father keeps hiring, and have managed to run each of them off one by one. When Maria arrives, she is initially met with the same hostility, but her kindness, understanding, and sense of fun soon draws them to her and brings some much-needed joy into all their lives -- including the Captain's. Eventually he and Maria find themselves falling in love. The romance makes them both start questioning the decisions they have made. Will true love win out?
 Suzy Bogguss
 Nov. 8 at 8 p.m.
Tickets are $22 online and $25 at the door
VIP Boxes are $175
Suzy Bogguss didn’t set out to craft a Merle Haggard tribute record. Some might call that serendipity; she just calls it Lucky. “Merle Haggard is a hell of a storyteller,” says Suzy. “When I hear his songs, I feel like I’m listening in on someone’s life.” On her new album, Lucky, a collection of songs all written by Haggard, Suzy does more than just listen—the CMA, ACM and Grammy Award-winning singer makes the country rebel’s compositions her own, reinterpreting classics like “The Bottle Let Me Down,” “Silver Wings” and “Today I Started Loving You Again” from a female point of view. “Merle is one of the most masculine songwriters I’ve ever heard, and I’ve been watching boys cover his music for years. I just thought, ‘Why couldn’t a girl do this?’” Suzy says.
Turns out, a woman can—especially if that woman is Suzy Bogguss, one of country music’s most pristine and evocative vocalists. With the release of the Illinois native’s 1989 major label debut, Somewhere Between, Suzy quickly became one of the key artists that defined those golden days of ’90s country. She scored a string of Top 10 singles with country radio staples like “Outbound Plane,” “Drive South,” “Hey Cinderella,” “Letting Go” and “Aces,” and her 1991 album of that name was certified platinum. In addition, she scored a trio of gold albums and notched more than 3 million sales.
With Lucky, released on Suzy’s own label Loyal Duchess, the singer comes full circle, returning yet again to her early inspiration, Haggard—Suzy’s Somewhere Between was titled after a Hag cut.
“My very first song on the radio, ‘Somewhere Between,’ was a Merle Haggard song,” says Suzy, going on to explain the title of Lucky, which she produced with her husband, songwriter Doug Crider. “I was sitting at the kitchen table reading the newspaper and the word ‘lucky’ jumped out at me. I said, ‘That’s the title of the album.’ Because I feel lucky that I get to know Merle.”
“He really is the poet of the common man.” Or in this case, an extraordinary woman. Get your tickets today to see Suzy in concert!
Moore Farms

Friday, October 10, 2014

Tyler, Texas Bed and Breakfast and Extended Stay Suites-Rosevine Inn -best in East Texas

Innkeeper Rose Vine Inn Bed & Breakfast 
October is always a great month for travel and fun. The weather usually cooperates and there is always things to do no matter where you go. Even just sitting and watching the world go by can be a pleasurable event! The third weekend in October brings The Texas Rose festival to Tyler!
Every town surrounding Tyler also has a festival and The Rosevine Inn Bed and Breakfast is the best place to stay while you enjoy all the activities in the area-It can be music, theatre, outdoor and indoor movies, great food, costumes-let's not forget Halloween is almost here, too!!
We will feature just a few of the great 'happenings' In the area here.

Smith County Master Gardeners Bulbs and More  October 11 at 8:30 am

Learn all about great bulbs for Northeast Texas; how to grow them; and then purchase ones not readily available at all nurseries. Guest speakers will present programs with a question and answer time for attendees.

Independent Film Screening:

"Travelling Salesman"

Doors open at 6:30 pm
Tickets $8

Director: Timothy Lanzone
Writers: Andy Lanzone, Timothy Lanzone
Stars: Danny Barclay, Eric Bloom, David John Cole 
2012 Winner
Best Feature Film
Best Actor
Best Editor
2012 Silicon Valley Film Festival
80 minutes
Travelling Salesman is an intellectual thriller about four of the world's smartest mathematicians hired by the U.S. government to solve the most elusive problem in computer science history ­­ P vs. NP. The four have jointly created a "system" which could be the next major advancement for humanity or the downfall of society.
As the mathematicians are about to sign documents that will give the government sole and private ownership of their solution, they wrestle with the moral dilemma of how their landmark discovery will be used. 

The Old Firehouse in Edom
8241 FM 279
Edom, Texas 75754

For questions...

Rose Garden Tours

Oct 16 and 17
During the 2014 Rose Festival Event, two tours will be given by the Parks and Recreation Department. You will learn the history of the garden and tips for growing roses. Enjoy seeing the garden in full bloom and take part in the Rose Festival’s excitement and pageantry.

Lone Star Singles Dinner Out 

 For a great opportunity to meet new people 50 and over, join the Lone Star Singles for dinner this month! The group will meet at Outback Steakhouse in Tyler on Thursday, October 16 at 5:45 p.m. for good food and conversation. For more information, call (903) 566-4211.

Okay here it is The Rose Festival Schedule for 2014


Texas Rose Festival, Rose Parade and Rose Museum

Welcome to Tyler ...
"The Rose Capital of America”!

The rose industry has been a major industry in the Tyler area for decades. Located adjacent to the famous Tyler Rose Garden is the Tyler Rose Museum, which showcases and documents the history of the annual Texas Rose Festival.

2014 Texas Rose Festival Theme, Queen and Her Court

The 81st Texas Rose Festival will be held on October 16-18, 2014, with "Cirque de la Rose" as its theme. The Texas Rose Festival Board President is Preston Smith.
Kathryn Elizabeth Peltier, the 19 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs Robert James Peltier, will reign as the 2014 Texas Rose Festival Queen. She attends the University of Texas at Austin.
Historic postcard ... "Greetings from the Tyler Texas Rose Festival"Historic postcard ... "Greetings from the Tyler Texas Rose Festival"
The 2014 Duchess of the Texas Rose Festival is Kathleen Sinclair Bertram, daughter of Mr. and Mrs Harold Kenneth Bertram. Miss Bertram graduated from Robert E. Lee High School and attends the University of Oklahoma, studying social work.
Members of the 2014 Tyler Court are Katarina Maksimovic-Vukelja Anderson, Lucille Annie Bates, Hanna Elizabeth Clarke, Rachel Alexandra Cooper, Sarah Ann McKellar, Mary Guyton McKellar, Mary-Lauren Shelton, Kaitlyn Elizabeth Boone, Emma Louise Brookshire, Lauren Rachael Brown, Kathryn Louise Loggins, and Laura Frances Meads.
The Queen’s attendants for the 2014 festival are Emmy Elizabeth Brewer, Harris Kelley Brownlow, Cline Chloe Jacqueline Cavender, Olivia Grace Kerr, Claire Bergfeld Lofquist, r Stephen Jack Mizer, Jr., and Kylan Grace Wedell.
The Rose Festival activities include the queen's coronation at the Cowan Center and the Rose Parade on Saturday.

2014 Texas Rose Festival Schedule of Events

Shown below are highlights of the many events scheduled for the 2014 festival. NOTE: Dates and times are not official ... contact the Rose Festival for details.
October 16 10:00 am Ribbon Cutting
Tyler Rose Garden Center
October 16 10:30 am Morning Prayer Service
Tyler Rose Garden Center
October 16 7:00 pm Kickoff Concert
Bergfeld Park
October 17
11:15 am
Men's Luncheon
Villa di Felcita
October 17 11:30 am Ladies' Luncheon
CrossWalk Conference Center at Green Acres Baptist Church
October 17 7:00 pm Coronation of Queen
Cowan Center at the UT-Tyler
October 18 9:00 am Rose Parade
Free parade viewing along route, seats available on west side of Trinity Mother Frances Rose Stadium
October 18 1:00-3:00 p.m. Queen's Tea
Tyler Rose Garden, Queen's Court
In addition to the coronation and parade, an arts and crafts fair, floral shows, garden tours, and many more activities attract thousands of visitors annually to Tyler for this spectacular event. The annual rose show is free and open to the public, beginning at 9 a.m. on October 17 and 18, and at Noon on October 19.
For more detailed information about events, schedules, locations, and tickets, we recommend a visit the official website of the Texas Rose Festival.

2014 Texas Rose Parade

Float in the Texas Rose Parade in TylerFloat in the Texas Rose Parade in Tyler
The Texas Rose Parade is scheduled to begin on Saturday, October 18, 2014, at 9 a.m. The parade assembles at Front Street and Glenwood Boulevard, and then follows a route west on Front Street, through the East Texas State Fairgrounds and ending inside Rose Stadium.
There is free parade viewing along the route, and seats are available on west side of Trinity Mother Frances Rose Stadium.
The parade features floats, marching bands, walking groups, drill teams, mounted horse clubs, vintage cars, and of course the queen and her court!
In the earlier years of the parade, rose growers supplied hundreds of dozens of rose blooms, and garden clubs worked through the night before the parade to decorate floats using the roses. Today, rose growers still offer blooms and volunteers still help decorate floats with live roses.

Texas Rose Festival History

The beauty and elegance of the Texas Rose FestivalThe beauty and elegance of the Texas Rose Festival
The festival is a celebration of the rose industry that thrives in Tyler. Seven Tyler-area companies process and distribute several million roses each year, making the city deserving of its “Rose Capital” title. About 75% of all roses in the country are handled in Tyler.
The first Tyler Rose Festival was organized by Tyler Garden Club members, local rose growers and the Chamber of Commerce in October 1933 to showcase the importance of the rose industry to Tyler.
The theme of the event was "Festival Fairyland", and included a parade, rose queen's coronation and a rose show. The first festival was a success, and the decision was made to continue the event, and the 1934 festival had as its theme "A Garden in Venice".
The annual event was renamed the Texas Rose Festival during the Texas Centennial in 1936.
Tyler Rose Museum
The Tyler Rose MuseumThe Tyler Rose Museum
Located on the grounds of the Tyler Rose Garden, and across the street from the Harvey Convention Center, is the 7,500 sqft Tyler Rose Museum.
The museum is run by a nonprofit organization operated with private donations. Its purpose is to showcase the rich history and tradition of Tyler, the rose industry and the Rose Festival.
Opened in 1992, it been visited by over 300,000 people, and is a major tourist attraction in Tyler. The Rose Museum tells the story of the hardships and successes of the rose-growing industry, and the elegance and tradition of the Rose Festival.
The museum features a large collection of photographs, videos, audio, music, newspaper clippings, rose memorabilia, and of course the jeweled festival costumes, which are changed quarterly. A gift shop is located adjacent to the museum. Stairs and an elevator for the handicapped take visitors down one level to the Tyler Rose Garden.
The museum is located at 420 Rose Park Drive. For details and hours, call the museum at 903.597.3130. A small entrance fee is required.

 Shopping-here you go


TASCA Garage Sale

TASCA will hold its annual garage sale on Saturday, October 18 from 7 AM until 2 PM. The event will take place in the TASCA parking lot. Items to be sold include clothing, collectibles, glassware, furniture and more. You never know when you might find a treasure! For more information, call (903) 871-3217

10495 CR 2167 (Jim Russell Rd)
Whitehouse, TX 75791
For questions...
(903) 871-3217

2nd Annual Auto & Cycle Show

Oct. 18 8-2

The Lake Palestine East Volunteer Fire Department will be hosting our 2nd Annual “End of Summer Palooza/Auto & Cycle Show” on Saturday, October 18th, 2014 at the Lake Palestine East Volunteer Fire Department. This event is open to everyone, whether or not you have a Show car, truck, or motorcycle. We will have activities for all ages, including the Auto
& Cycle Show, Food, a Bounce house, Child Safety Fingerprinting & Identification by Cuney Police Department, Fire Safety Education, Driver Safety Education, & MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving.) We hope to be adding more events, as we obtain sponsors to help with this.  The END OF SUMMER PALOOZA is a charitable event to raise money for the Lake Palestine East Volunteer Fire Department, for much needed equipment. 

Lake Palestine East Volunteer Fire Dept.

2340 FM 346 N
Bullard, TX-Texas 75757
For questions...

 Kiepersol Estates Vineyard

3933 FM 344 E
Tyler, TX 75703
For questions...

Rose Festival Arts and Crafts Fair

October 18 and 19

 We invite you to enjoy the great outdoors at our 16th Annual Rose Festival Arts and Crafts Fair. Only “handcrafted items” will be sold including: clothing, jewelry, candles, paintings, decorative items and more.  Enjoy the entertainment during the day and a concert at 4 p.m. in the amphitheater on Saturday.Free to the public.  Kids Zone and concessions available for a fee throughout the event.
Bergfeld Park
1510 South College Ave.
Tyler, Texas 75701
For questions...

 East Texas Tourism Association is proud to announce the 2013 dates for the US Hwy 80 Sale for the third weekend in April & October. The Historic US 80 Hi-Way Sale will begin at 8:00am daily on April 19th, 20th & 21st and on October 18th-20th and should draw crowds from far and wide looking for a bargain.Organized to promote and increase tourism trade and traffic along historic US 80, the first coast-to-coast, all-weather highway in America, the 2,400 mile route begins in Savannah, Ga., makes its way through East Texas and concludes in San Diego, California. The three-state event will cover a 392 mile route – one of the nation’s longest –from Mesquite, TX through Louisiana to Jackson, Mississippi. “We intend to keep the name and legacy alive,” said Mary Ramos, “There will be hundreds of sales going on…more than you can shop in a day. This is a great fund-raising opportunity for churches, civic clubs and individuals.”The event is part of ETTA’s 23rd year effort to draw attention to the byways of its region. Each city along the US 80 route will be responsible for its part in the Hwy 80 Sale. News of the sale is spreading among antique car, motorcycle, RV clubs and flea market enthusiast. While shoppers will be searching for great deals, cities along the route hope they find the highway’s more permanent treasures, such as bed and breakfasts, motels, restaurants, and historical sites.For more information on the US 80 Sale and how to advertise, contact East Texas Tourism at or call (903) 757-4444

Fine art, fine crafts, live music and great food fill the festival grounds behind the resident artists’ studios on the one main street in town, Farm to Market Road 279.  Hours for the festival are 10 am to 5 pm Saturday, October 18th and 10 am to 5 pm Sunday, October 19th.      This juried show is known for having high quality, handmade, original art and crafts. There will be a wide variety of creative works such as painting, pottery, jewelry, sculpture, weaving, clothing & blown glass. Visitors express surprise at finding exceptional art in the middle of a meadow located in the center of this tiny hamlet.

Tyler's Old Rose Open House at the Goodman

October 18 at 10 am

 The 1859 Goodman - LeGrand House & Museum is indeed Tyler’s Old Rose! Celebrate the Rose Season and come see where the Texas Rose Festival Parade route first began. You will be greeted by our Rose Belles, and other delightfully costumed re-enactors representing days gone by. A rose bedecked horse and carriage will be on hand for a wonderful ride up Broadway to the square and back, provided by Farm Valley Carriages (small fee). Also, complimentary refreshments, historical presentations by Sallie Goodman LeGrand (re-enactor), vintage music by costumed musicians, and tours inside the historic Goodman home will all be available for your enjoyment.
Goodman-Legrand Home and Musem624 North Broadway AvenueTyler, TX 75702
For questions...

 This is alot going on so we are going to stop now and work on the next blog for the rest of October through the first of November-Halloween brings many happenings!!

So until next time don't forget

Fires burn nightly and breakfast is served daily at The Rosevine Inn Bed and Breakfast and Extended Stay Suites!! 

Innkeeper Becca

Signing off!!

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Tyler, Texas Bed and Breakfast-The Rosevine Inn B&B and Extended Stay Suites-best in East Texas

Innkeeper Rose Vine Inn Bed & Breakfast 
Well we are back and ready to tell you about the great thinks that will be happening in the Tyler Area in the next few days! Fall has arrived and that means the East Texas State Fair has started. lots of other fun fall events and activities, too. Here you go


Live Music @ Rose City Farmer's Market

 This is such a great ongoing venue!

Lunch with Symphony on the Square

September 26 @10 am

Celebrate the kick-off of the new 2014-2015 Concert Season by having Lunch with the Symphony on the Square. The East Texas Symphony Orchestra invites the public to attend a free musical performance hosted by Music Director Richard Lee. Self-provided brown bag lunch or purchase lunch from area downtown restaurants. Chick-fil-A sandwiches available with proceeds benefiting the East Texas Symphony Orchestra - a nonprofit organization. 

This sounds intriguing 

 A Touch of Love: A Unique Date Night. Couples Massage Workshop

Click here for more info and to purchase!couples-massage/ctb2

The 3 hour couples massage workshop is designed to introduce you to the power of touch in your life and provide you an introductory set of massage skills to use safely with your partner. It is a 3 hour interactive workshop for couples or friends (any two people over the age of 18) and it is three hours long, which will allow enough time for both of you to give and receive a very thorough massage from each other. We usually have at least one facilitator per 3 couples at each workshop, so you get a lot of individual attention.   Sept 26 @7 pm

If you can't get in, maybe a concert?       Cliburn Gold

Sept 27 @7:30 pm 
Opening night will be golden as Vadym Kholodenko, winner of the 2013 Cliburn International Piano Competition, joins Richard Lee and the ETSO to perform Rachmaninoff’s popular and romantic Piano Concerto No. 3.  Plus, we will continue our cycle of Brahms symphonies with his last, his Symphony #4. 
Cowan Center3900 University Blvd.Tyler, Texas 75701
For questions...
903-566-7424         Or a Movie in the park?

 Movies in the Park: The Nut Job

September 27@8 pm FREE!  Bring a picnic and enjoy the show!

Here come Canton First Monday Trade Days!   October 2-5 

Do Not Miss it!!

What started more than a century ago as a flea market has become home to some of the most exciting, cutting-edge home furnishings, antiques and collectibles that can be found anywhere. Over the past 150 years, lots of things have changed in the Original First Monday Park; but the genuine, down-home human relationships between vendors and shoppers are the reason people keep coming back. This is a place where you can slow down, visit and ask questions, talk to collectors and antique dealers and meet the artists and craftsmen who create one-of-a-kind items.

An At                                                      Downtown Tyler

Oct. 2 at 7 p.m.
Tickets are $7 
A boys first love is his mother, but sometimes that can be unhealthy.

Ray Wylie Hubbard
Oct. 4 at 8 p.m.
Tickets are $20 online and $25 at the door
VIP Box $175

Ray Wylie Hubbard started his journey as a folk singer in his native Oklahoma before falling in with the wild and wooly cosmic/outlaw Texas country scene of the ’70s— in large part by way of penning the immortal “Up Against the Wall (Redneck Mother),” which Jerry Jeff Walker recorded on his seminal 1973 album ¡Viva Terlingua!. Hubbard gigged constantly and recorded sporadically throughout the rest of the ’70s and ’80s, but it wasn’t until he stumbled out of his “honky-tonk fog” and into sobriety that his career as a songwriter’s songwriter began in earnest with 1994’s Loco Gringo’s Lament. He’s moved from strength to strength ever since, recording a handful of acclaimed albums with noted producers Lloyd Maines and Gurf Morlix and cementing his standing as one
of the most respected artists on the modern Americana scene.

The Shining
Oct. 9 at 7 p.m.
Tickets are $7

IDEA Gardening Series   October 7 at noon

Oct. 7: Not Your Usual Fall Annuals 

The IDEA Gardening Series is an informative lecture series covering gardening topics suitable for a particular month. The lectures are held on the patio in the IDEA garden, which is located in the southeast corner of Tyler’s Rose Garden starting at noon. There is limited seating. You may want to bring a lawn chair for your comfort. The lecture will run for about 30 minutes, followed by a question and answer session.
Tyler Municipal Rose Garden Center
420 Rose Park Drive
Tyler, Texas 75702
For questions...

A play (or Two) every day!!

 The Jungle Book 

October 9, 2014 - October 12, 2014 
In this action-packed adaptation of the classic adventure story, precocious Mowgli grows up believing he's as fierce a wolf as any of the members of his pack.
When he learns he is actually a human, he must discover how to reconcile these very different identities, and decide whether to remain with the pack, or return to the human world from which he was born.
What will he choose?
And will he be trained in the Law of the Jungle in time to defeat Shere Khan, the most feared animal of all?
Click here to bury tickets and get more information!


Theatre TJC:Presents

Oct 8-11@7:30 Oct 12 at 2pm

 By Frank Galati, from the novel by John Steinbeck A powerful and deeply affecting masterpiece of American literature, the play conveys the timeless story of the Joad family and their flight from the dust bowl of Oklahoma, hoping to find work and a better life.   When: October 8-12 Where: Jean Browne Theatre Wednesday through Saturday performances @ 7:30 p.m. Sunday matinee at 2:00 P. M. Price: Tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for seniors and students. Box Office: 903-510-2212 Theatre TJC box office opens Wednesday, October 1. Box office hours are 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. weekdays only throughout the run of performances.


 THE ADVENTURES OF TOM SAWYER is a new adaptation of Mark Twain’s literary narrative by acclaimed playwright Laura Eason.  Join Tom, Huck and Becky in the thrill of mischief-making, fickleness of first love, cold shivers that linger after an adventure gone very wrong and unbridled joy at discovering real buried treasure.  It celebrates all that is grand and glorious about childhood. Critics have said, “It soars like a dream of America long ago bursting with possibilities and promise!”   [Parents should note there are some intense scenes that might prove scary or inappropriate for children under the age of 8.]

 Huge Garage and Bake Sale  October11 8 am

Our Saviour's Lutheran Church, 4900 Kinsey Drive, Tyler, is having a huge garage and bake sale on Saturday, October 11th from 8AM-2Pm. Proceeds will go to Gateway To Hope and OSLC. If you would like to donate items for this sale please drop them off at the the church. For more info call 903-561-1865 or 903-825-7430 website or check us out on facebook

Smith County Master Gardeners Bulbs and More

Learn all about great bulbs for Northeast Texas; how to grow them; and then purchase ones not readily available at all nurseries. Guest speakers will present programs with a question and answer time for attendees.   October 11 at 8:30 am
Harvey Convention Center
2000 W Front St
Tyler, TX 75702
For questions...

Suspense in Bergfeld park!

Movies in the Park: Strangers on a Train


Psychotic mother's boy Bruno Anthony meets famous tennis professional Guy Haines on a train. Guy wants to move into a career in politics and has been dating a senator's daughter (Ann
Morton) while awaiting a divorce from his wife. Bruno wants to kill his father, but knows he will be caught because he has a motive. Bruno dreams up a crazy scheme whereby he and Guy exchange murders. Guy takes this as a joke, but Bruno is serious and takes things into his own hands

FREE!  Bring a picnic and enjoy the show!

October 11
"Strangers on a Train"                                  Guess we are getting
NR - An Alfred Hitchcock Film                     ready for Halloween!!
                     Show begins at 7:30pm


Saturday, October 11, 2014 • 7:30 PM

Welcome to the hottest joint in town! THE COASTERS are headlining and it’s always a party at SMOKEY JOE’S CAFÉ! This Tony Award®-nominated and Grammy Award®- winning salute to legendary songwriters Leiber and Stoller is a raise-the-roof, song-and-dance celebration of some of rock ‘n’ roll’s greatest hits! Get ready for songs like “Hound Dog,” “Stand by Me,” “Yakety Yak,” “Jailhouse Rock,” “Spanish Harlem,” “On Broadway,” “Kansas City,” “Love Potion #9,” “Fools Fall in Love” and many more. The New York Daily News calls SMOKEY JOE’S CAFÉ “wildly infectious” and Time Magazine says, “it sails and soars!”

Sponsored by Marilyn Richey 

Cowan Center
3900 University Blvd.
Tyler, Texas 75701
For questions...
903 566-7424

Well that is it for now!!  next time we will feature The Tyler Rose Festival 
the beautiful changing season!! 
In The meantime We have cranked up the fireplaces and cannot wait to see you at The Rosevine Inn Bed and Breakfast !
Until next time
Innkeeper Becca signing off!!  (:




Sunday, August 17, 2014

Tyler Texas Bed and Breakfast-The Rosevine Inn-Best in East Texas

Innkeeper Rose Vine Inn Bed & Breakfast 
 Ok-this time we are going to feature a few-but by no means all-of the fun and interesting things to do in Tyler and the surrounding area.  Also-a couple or three of the recommended restaurants in the area. Your "author" will take a break-so the next blog will not be out until the middle of September.!! Enjoy and check back with us soon and often.
First Monday Trade Days is back!!
Aug 28 through Aug 31 (September 1 is Monday!)
Not ever to be missed!! You should go

 Caldwell Zoo Offers a Full Day of Fun
 Established in 1953 by David King Caldwell, the Caldwell Zoo is a great place in Northeast Texas to Sprawling across 85 acres, the zoo is home to more than 3,400 animals dwelling in six main habitats or exhibits: the African Savanna, North America, South America, African Aquarium, North American Herpetarium, and the Wild Bird Walkabout.
experience diverse wildlife.

As a part of the Association of Zoos & Aquariums, Caldwell strives to conserve endangered species, now serving as a refuge to a dozen of them, including cheetahs, ring-tailed lemurs, black-footed penguins and black rhinoceros. In addition to a naturally educational atmosphere, Caldwell offers special school, home school and scouting programs. Detailed information is available at

In order to welcome as many guests as possible, Caldwell is closed only three days each year: Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day. March 1 through Labor Day, the zoo is open from 9 a.m.-5 p.m., and Labor Day through February, it is open 9 a.m.-4 p.m.
Parking is free, and there is no admission fee for zoo members and children age 2 and under. Admission for ages 13-54 is $10.50, ages 3-12 pay $7 and senior citizens (age 55 and over) pay $9.25. To contact the Caldwell Zoo, call 903.593.0121 or email

Texas Rose Breed Show
Aug 30 and 31 
 Tyler Breed Show – All Breed Show - Kim Brunson - (817) 683-8284

The JORDAN WORLD CIRCUS, one of North America's premier traveling circuses, is owned and produced by Jody Jordan of Las Vegas, Nevada. Hailing from a long background of aerialists and circus performers, Jordan brings a unique talent to the circus management field. His exciting two hour shows are presented on annual tours from coast to coast and border to border by local Shrine Centers and Clubs, police and fire associations, civic clubs and organizations, merchant associations, local presenters and venues, and fairs, festivals, parks and the like. Coast to coast and border to border by local Shrine Centers and Clubs, police and fire associations, civic clubs and organizations, merchant associations, local presenters and venues, and fairs, festivals, parks and the like.

*Tyler Oil Palace* 
Saturday Aug. 30th * 3:00 & 7:00  
Sunday Aug. 31st * 1:30 & 5:30
Monday Sept. 1st * 1:30 & 5:30 

**TICKETS AVAILABLE** One Hour Before The Show At The Circus Location  

3rd Annual Texas Petapalooza

September 6 at 10AM Bergfeld Park

The Third Annual Texas Petapalooza, Tyler's Largest rescued pet adoption event, just got bigger.                                                                                Texas Petapalooza will be featuring over 15 animal rescues along with their furry foster critters of dogs, cats and horses of all shapes and sizes.        
There will be pet specific vendors of accessories, groomers, food, training demonstrations, and a low cost vaccination clinic.                                           Attractions of a bounce house, face painting, pony rides, for the kids.  There will also be food, raffles, crafters, a multitude other vendors and weenie dog races.        Special featured attractions of a Police k-9 unit, Fire Truck, and the Police Identa-kid bus.                                                                      
So bring the whole family for a fun filled day at Bergfeld Park on Saturday, September 6th.   You just might meet your next FUR-ever friend at TEXAS PETAPALOOZA 2014!
For more information see us on 


Cars are Art 2014

Sept 6 at noon-Tyler Museum of Art

on the TJC Campus
The Tyler Museum of Art is getting in gear once again with the call for entries on its Juried “Cars Are Art” 2014 Competition. Vehicle owners may enter their cars in one of eight competition categories: Pre-1940s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and Post-2000. Cars will be judged on overall presentation and aesthetics, not originality or modifications (all doors and engine hoods will be closed). A jury of art professionals will perform the competition judging. The first-place winner in each category will receive an artistically crafted trophy. The entry chosen as the “Cars Are Art” 2014 Best of Show winner will receive the Grand Prize, which includes a unique trophy and special display in the TMA lobby for two weeks following the competition.Registration deadline is Aug. 31. Entry fee is $100 per vehicle with proceeds benefiting the TMA; price includes lunch and a “Blue-plate Special” party following the awards presentation from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.Best of Show Sponsor for Cars Are Art 2014 is Hibbs-Hallmark & Company. Tents Sponsor is James E. Walker. For information, contact special events coordinator Caleb Bell at (903) 595-1001, ext. 208 or

September at 

A Night of Improv Comedy with Card 53 and DCH
Sept. 6 at 8 p.m.
Tickets are $15 online and $20 at the door
VIP Boxes $125
 Card 53 returns to the stage of Liberty Hall with an all new show of “make-em-ups” featuring Musical Director Austin Day as well as some new faces. 

Opening for Card 53 is Roadside Couch one of the longest running improv troupes atDallas Comedy House who is owned and operated by brother and sister Tyler Natives Amanda and Kyle Austin. 

DCH is quickly becoming a well-known Improvisational Theatre and School around the Country. They host the Dallas Comedy Festival which has brought in Tim Meadows “SNL”, Michael Keegan Key “Key and Peele”, Frank Caeti “MADtv”, the Writers from “Conan” and “Key and Peele” and so many more on multiple occasions. 

A Night of Jazz
Sept. 13 at 8 p.m.
Senor Gringo, Anna Grey and Purple Velvet Fox
Tickets are $15 online and $20 at the door
VIP Boxes $125
If you are looking for something different, then here it is.....riffs of a Latin guitar and chimes fill the air. A particular vibe and passion of playing is reflected, human metronomes tap their toes to the beat, allowing a bond to form. It is a relationship built on the foundation of the thrill of music. Senor Gringo was formed many years ago and as time has passed Senor Gringo has blended into the rich culture of latin jazz.
 The musicians in the band come from various backgrounds of music. Richard Callahan was inspired through metal bands such as Pantera, Testament, and Metallica. Keyboardist Don Elbert’s music career comes from a soft blues background. Percussionist Elbert Wright began his musicianship with jazz. Alex Blair, the bassist, is a high school orchestra director who had been taught by a diverse blend of instrumentalists from the classical to modern day music.
For drummer Kevin Ewalt, music has taken him around the world, including South America. With the various backgrounds of euphonious influences came the birth of a distinctive sound. Come and check it out!
 Annagrey is a singer/songwriter and passionate stage performer. Her love of life and music flows from her soul and is undeniable on stage and in her studio recordings. Annagrey has a powerful voice that will capture your heart with the truth and depth of her lyrics. She was featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, appearing on three episodes ending as a finalist during Oprah's Pop Star Challenge. She has also toured with LeAnn Rimes as a back-up singer and is a career studio singer, with her work in advertisements and radio station identifications heard all over the world. Annagrey has released three full length albums. Her most recent work is self titled and was released in April of 2014.
 Purple Velvet Fox Jazz, is a group of dedicated jazz musicians playing fusion, classic, and experimental jazz. The band aims to play red hot, driving jazz at the highest level. PVF is comprised of a quartet of core musicians. Gary Hatcher on guitar and band leader, Joe Snider percussionist, Jacob Wellman on sax, and Alex Blair on bass. The Fox often invites other accomplished musicians to appear with the group on instruments such as saxophone, trumpet, trombone, keyboard and vocals. PVF plays fusion and modal jazz along with a large repertoire of classic jazz tunes selected from the deep canon of jazz music.
  Original compositions as well as original arrangements of classic tunes are performed. Works are selected from greats like Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Benny Golson, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, and more. Expect to hear improvisation on R & B, experimental jazz and original compositions by band members.
The exceptional sounds of Fox send you on a musical journey filled with jazzy moods and soundscapes from smooth jazz to rocking fusion and improvisation. The mix of melodies and beats form PVF is sure to engage the listener and get feet tapping. 

Texas Speaker Series presents Dana Bowman
September 18 at 7 p.m.
Tickets are $20
$15 for students and veterans

Dana Bowman has astounded the nation and the world with his drive, determination, and will to succeed. He is a retired Sergeant First Class with the U.S. Army where he was a Special Forces Soldier and a member of the U.S. Army’s elite parachute team, the Golden Knights. Dana Bowman is a double amputee. He lost his legs in an accident during the annual Golden Knights training in Yuma, Arizona, in 1994.
On February 6,1994, Bowman gained worldwide attention when he and his teammate Sgt. Jose Aguillon collided in midair during the team’s annual training. Bowman and Aguillon were practicing a maneuver known as the Diamond Track. The maneuver calls for the jumpers to streak away from each other for about a mile and then turn 180 degrees and fly back toward each other crisscrossing in the sky. Bowman and Aguillon had demonstrated the Diamond Track more than fifty times without a mistake, but this time was different.
Rather than crisscrossing, the two skydivers slammed into each other at a combined speed of 300 miles per hour. Aguillon died instantly. Bowman’s legs were severed from his body, one above the knee and one below the knee. Bowman’s parachute opened on impact. Nine months later, he turned this tragedy into a triumph when he became the first double amputee to re-enlist in the United States Army. Bowman re-enlisted in the United States Army airborne style, skydiving with his commander into the ceremony, making his dream a reality. This achievement is just one example of Bowman’s many successes under adverse circumstances. After Dana’s re-enlistment, he became the U.S. Parachute Team’s lead speaker and recruiting commander. Dana has been fortunate to have the opportunity to let his speeches touch so many from the physically challenged to the able-bodied. He strives to show physically challenged people can still work and excel in today’s society and military. Dana emphasizes the words amputee and uselessness are not synonymous.

Dana has given more than 400 speeches in the last few years and has been featured in magazines such as Sports Illustrated, Reader’s Digest, People and many more. There have also been numerous television programs which focused on Dana and his story. Some of the programs include: Dateline, A Current Affair, Real TV, NBC Person of the Week, Day and Date and Extra.
Dana retired from the United States Army in 1996. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in commercial aviation at the University of North Dakota in May of 2000. Dana spends a great deal of his personal time working with other amputees and disabled or physically challenged people. "Dana inspires other amputees to walk again. His future plans are to continue to speak to the public and fly helicopters. 

Tyler Children's Clothing Consignment Sale

Over 1,000 East Texas families selling their gently used items.
Children’s Clothing Consignment Sale
Sept 11-13, 2014 at 9 am each day
Harvey Convention Center Tyler, Texas
Over 1,000 East Texas families gather twice a year to sell their gently used, name brand items. We fill over 30,000 sq. ft. as well as a tent outside in the parking lot. We have it all. Toys, clothes, books, furniture, baby equipment, maternity items as well as household furniture and home decor. Come Join East Texas' Largest Consignment Sale. Visit our website for more details. Where Smart Moms Find Great Deals.

2014 Economic Forecast Summit featuring Stuart

Sept 11 at 7 pm

Join The University of Texas at Tyler, College of Business and Technology, and The Hibbs Institute for Business and  Economic Research as we welcome Stuart Varney for a discussion on current economic issues. Dinner will be served. Sponsorships are currently available.   

Family Fun Fishing Tournament

 Date: September 13, 2014  Time: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Event Description:
Bring the whole family out to a morning of fishing and fun. The Texas Wildlife and Fisheries will help conduct a free clinic prior to the event beginning. Prizes will be given to the youth of each family along with a certificate of participation. This is a great event for the entire family.

East Texas Book Fest

September 13- 10 am on the TJC Campus

 Some 60 Texas authors who write in many genres and for all ages will display their books and chat with readers. In addition, professionals will demonstrate and explain various literacy projects for children and adults. Other experts will lead seminars to make reading more meaningful and rewarding to all as well as help writers improve their craft and sales.

 Larry the Cable Guy

September 13- 7:30 pm at The Cowan Center

on the campus of UT Tyler

Let’s “Git-R-Done” folks with LARRY THE CABLE GUY! Larry is finally making the trek to Tyler for his first appearance in our neck of the woods. The lovable LARRY THE CABLE GUY will fit right in here in the heart of East Texas with his down home humor to open our 18th Cowan Center Season. Larry’s road to stardom began with the “Blue Collar Comedy Tour” featuring Jeff Foxworthy and Bill Engvall (both of whom have already brought laughs to the Cowan Center). Larry then went on to host numerous specials for Comedy Central including “Tailgate Party” and “The Comedy Central Roast of Larry the Cable Guy,” plus various specials for VH1 and CMT networks. While his standup and hosting chops always provoke uncontrolled hilarity, he is also known as the beloved voice of Mater in the Golden Globe-winning animated feature film Cars and Cars 2 from Disney/Pixar. Current host of “Only in America,” on the History Channel, LARRY THE CABLE GUY visits various sites across the country revealing bits of history while immersing himself in different lifestyles, jobs and hobbies that celebrate the American experience. Larry also started the Git-R-Done Foundation, emphasizing philanthropy for children’s and veteran’s causes. *adult humor and language, not appropriate for children and some adults


Justice Clarence Thomas

September 16 at 7:30 pm 

Supreme Court Associate Justice, CLARENCE THOMAS, was born in the Pin Point
community of Georgia near Savannah, June 23, 1948. Appointed in 1991, Justice Thomas is the second African-American justice to serve on the Supreme Court of the United States after the retirement of Justice Thurgood Marshall. His best-selling book, My Grandfather’s Son: A Memoir recounts his early childhood in the Deep South and his upbringing by his grandparents, his time in college and law school, and his career in government.


East Texas State Fair

September 19-28 click here for more info


The East Texas State Fair is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes through the operation of an annual event promoting education, entertainment and the spirit of competition.
Each year brings additional attractions for the entire family to enjoy. This season the East Texas State Fair will host Bixby's Rainforest Rescue, Swifty Swine Racing Pigs, Sandscapes 75-ton sand sculpture, free nightly concerts, great retail and informational vendors and of course, food, food and more food!!!
Gate Tickets
  Child    5 & Under:    Free
  Youth   6-12:            $5.00
  Adult   13 & Up:       $8.00

 Carnival Tickets
      Weekday (M-F) Unlimited Ride Armbands: $25.00
      Sheet of 22 Tickets:                                  $25.00
      Sheet of 50 Tickets:                                  $60.00
      Individual Ticket:                                        $1.25

Check out the Junior Livestock Show and the Open LiveStock Show at the Livestock Pavilions.

Mario's Italian Restaurant

They do not have a website, but this is one of our favorite restaurants!

Mario's is a local Italian restaurant nestled back in a strip center off of broadway/I-69 just south of Heritage (south of Carmike movie theater).  I can never seem to figure out the hours of operation and we have stopped by on multiple occasions when they were closed.  My wife and I visited once for a date night.  The place looks a lot better on the inside than on the outside, it is your typical Italian restaurant with cozy booths and tables with a nice romantic atmosphere.  They also have live music on Fridays and Saturdays.The spread:  This place has apparently been in operation since 1977, so it is old school Italian-American.  The
appetizers range from bruschetta, fried mozzarella, fried zucchini, fried calamari, etc.  They also serve pizzas with all the regular toppings.  The entrees range from chicken/shrimp primavera, blackened snapper, venetian chicken/veal, chicken/veal marsala/piccata/milanese, etc.  We tried the bruschetta, fried ravioli, pizza, chicken piccata, fettuccine alfredo.The verdict:  I really liked the atmosphere of this place.  It is old school Italian with Frank Sinatra playing in the background.  The waiter was young, but attentive
and provided good service.  The food was also very good, some of the best pizza in town.  My wife and I really liked the fried ravioli.  The pasta were good as well.  Overall, the place had good food, plenty of it and a nice atmosphere.  It isn't cutting edge real Italian cooking, but it is good, reasonable priced stick to your ribs food.  What's not to like?
This blog turned out longer than I thought!!  Look for us again toward the end of September!! Wow it will be FALL then****
                                          And we will be burning fires nightly again
So until next time
Innkeeper Becca signing off!!